Best Fast Food in Every State: Tasty Picks Across the US

Best Fast Food. When you land in Cali after a long flight, one thing hits you: the hunger. And what’s the cure? That first bite of In-N-Out burger. Open late, this spot welcomes you with open arms, ready to customize your meal just how you like it, and all at a great price. The buzz inside might seem wild, but it’s an entertaining chaos. 

Once you’ve placed your order, take a breather and soak in the lively scene—a team of kitchen pros cranking out those tasty bites. And when your number’s up, unwrap that classic burger with its iceberg lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, and the secret sauce. It’s consistent, it’s homey, and for many, it’s the taste of welcome back.

Connecticut: Ted’s Restaurant

In a small state, there’s a unique delight—steamed cheeseburgers! Ted’s in Meriden is a steamed burger mecca since the 1920s. Forget grilling, here it’s all about juicy, steamed goodness topped with a generous coat of melted white cheddar. If you haven’t had one, it’s a must-try experience.

Florida: PDQ

PDQ knows its chicken game. With fresh, never-frozen poultry, they’ve nailed the chicken fingers and nuggets. But the real star? Their sauce game. Creamy garlic, chipotle pepper barbecue, and a sweet-hot sriracha blend that’ll have you hooked. Don’t miss their crispy chicken sandwich—it’s packed with pimento cheese, bacon, and a surprise crunch from potato chips.

Georgia: Waffle House

Back in the ’50s, Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner created a 24/7 haven in Avondale Estates. Waffle House started small but spread like wildfire across America. It’s become more than just a breakfast joint—it’s a part of American life. From Arizona to Pennsylvania, these spots offer round-the-clock comfort food. Fun fact: The original location has its own museum!

Alaska: Arctic Roadrunner

In Anchorage, this joint has been dishing up goodness since the ’60s. Their claim to fame? Local salmon and halibut burgers alongside a heap of thick-cut fries. When it gets chilly, cozy up by the fireplace and enjoy their milkshakes.

Alabama: Milo’s

Since the ’40s, Milo’s has been about that little extra something. Grilled-bun burgers that might surprise you with an extra helping of meat. But that’s not all—they’ve got fried pies, sausage-filled biscuits, crinkle-cut fries, and a sweet tea so popular, you’ll find it in supermarkets all over.

Arkansas: Slim Chickens

With 17 sauce options and 100% all-natural chicken, Slim Chickens has raised the bar. It’s not just about the sauce dazzle; it’s about delivering real, delicious chicken.

Arizona: Eegee’s

Tucson claims the frosty-cold lemon eegee and delicious grinders stuffed with salami and provolone. A regional treasure since the ’70s, it’s a local favorite.

Colorado: Good Times

Colorado’s got a gem in Good Times. Small-batch frozen custard, all-natural beef, and mornings filled with zesty breakfast burritos—definitely a menu worth diving into.

Delaware: Capriotti’s

Delaware holds onto The Bobbie—a Thanksgiving-inspired sandwich with freshly roasted turkey. It’s a taste of Thanksgiving, any day of the year.

These fast food spots are more than just quick bites; they’re slices of American culture and flavors worth savoring.